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MIPO is a Political Committee organized under Florida statutes and filed with the City of Marco Island. There are some 16,000+ residential and commercial "units" which range from single family homes and condominiums to commercial and retail facilities. There are issues that arise that impact ALL property owners without regard to whether they are full or partime Florida Residents, and without regard to voting status. Our objective is to attract property owners as Members to voice concerns that impact their rights as property owners on this island.

There is no cost to join Marco Island Property Owners (MIPO), however we do accept donations to help defray the costs of operations including web site and on-line Newsletter, flyers, advertising, meeting space, etc.

Donations may be submitted throught the PayPal button on the left to donate on-line, or you can send us your donation via US Postal Service. Make checks  payable to MIPO.

Marco Island Property Owners

P.O. Box 2134

Marco Island, FL, 34146

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