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Join Marco Island Property Owners

This site is dedicated to informing and furthering the interests of all owners of property on Marco Island, regardless of property type. We invite the concerns and opinions of all property owners interested in encouraging our local government to operate responsibly and efficiently. In addition we believe that it is paramount that the interests of Marco Island Property Owners be well represented in the affairs of our local government.

We are focused to bringing a fair, efficient and cost effective government to our local community.

If you are a Marco Island property owner, without regard to whether you are a Registered Voter, Florida Resident, or simply a part-time Resident,  it is in your best interest to stay informed and this web site and newsletter serves as a means for doing so. We intend to keep this site updated with important information that can affect your varied interests.

We invite you to join and help in any way, to lend a hand through your professional expertise, personal commentary, participation in civic matters or just curiosity. Again, we would greatly appreciate your support in this endeavor.

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